my dramatic three year old

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2009april20 063I’m writing this as she’s taking her big girl shower by herself.  Out of the blue, today, she hugged me and said,

“stay for a long time and don’t leave me.  You and Tatay, I don’t want you to leave.” 

Then she started crying and wouldn’t let me go, with her arms around my neck.  I told her,

“Emmanuelle, even when you find your ‘Prince and you’re the queen of your kingdom,’ Mama and Tatay will never leave you and always take care of you.  Even when you become a Mama and have a baby, and live in your Hello Kitty house, we’ll always be there to love you.

Childhood is a very funny thing, but I’m glad I know that when she was three, she loved me with the deepest love.  Time goes by so fast.  I cherish this girl with all my heart, even her emotional over-filled sentiments.

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