Appointment 10

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2009april20 096Perze and Em were able to accompany me to the OBGyn today.  Everything went well & quickly.  I got some reading material for labor.  Overall, everything was healthy and normal.

My doctor asked me what our plans were for such a beautiful weekend, so I responded, “Hopefully, giving birth…”

So that’s me in nine months. I’ve gained 27 lbs. so far, and hoping that’s it before I give birth.  Everyone says it looks like I’m carrying a boy, and by everyone, it’s mostly experienced mums who’ve had boys.

So when I buy some stuff for Baby Z, I end up looking at the boys section, but always purchase more unisex items- less green though, and more natural, creams, cereal, oatmeals, whites, aqua ocean, beiges. I’m very into things that look “Green” and earthy.  With that said, I’ve been very picky in what to buy and don’t want to over-buy things, so I’ll show you what I kept and bought in another blog :).

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