nesting phase

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In the span of two weeks after the Easter Cantata, I went full force on preparing for Baby Zias/Zienne. With Perze’s help, we threw out bags and bags of trash of things we truly didn’t need anymore so we can make space. We threw out Perze’s last remaining love seat from when he was a bachelor and bought a nice espresso leather Ikea wide sofa.

We rearranged the living room and took all the hodgepodge old apartment furniture we had from our previous apartment.

I craigslisted:

  • the bistro and bar stools
  • the glass Ikea cabinets

I cleaned out:

  • our walk-in closet and cleared the bottom hangers for Baby Z’s clothes.  compiled old unwanted clothes for Salvation Army. put away Em’s old clothes for storage.
  • emma’s toddler room.  got rid of the futon and bought a twin bed.  took out her slide and threw out a lot of stuff. 
  • the kitchen bottom cabinets. threw out a LOT of old stuff we don’t use anymore and arranged everything to be fore efficient.
  • the kitchen top cabinets.  threw out a LOT of old food, arranged food by category, and threw out really old plastics that took up a lot of space.

We set up:

  • Z’s cabinets in our room for his/her clothes.  Set up diaper basket and storing basket for his/her baby things (courtesy Tita Grace).
  • new nesting tables in the living room for some media storage, so we can get rid of the white plastic shelf we’ve been using for two years now (which I got to add to our master closet space saver.

We prepared:

  • Z’s papasan.  I just disinfected the swing and washed the fabric.
  • Z’s carseat.  Disinfected it and washed the fabric.
  • Z’s bouncer.
  • all of Em’s old 0-3, 3-6 clothes which were unisex.
  • Z’s blankets and swaddling blankets.
  • Z’s feeding supplies. Bought EVERYTHING for the feeding bottles and arranged a cabinet for all the supplies.
  • my hospital bag, because I think I’m gonna go any day now.

Last things to buy:

  • large room plant
  • Ikea 4×2 console shelf


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