thirty four on the eighteenth

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So Perze is now 34 this year. 

Even though he says he likes getting older, I can tell each year catches him by surprise since the first time we met, he was a bachelor who didn’t have a care in the world. Now, he’s a dad of two, a husband who has to learn the five love languages, a hard worker to his company, and a ministry leader.  He has a lot of pressures and responsibilities… But despite all the seriousness of life’s dictates, I’m really thankful that he is still patient, easy going, and still has a sense of humor (or according to our pastor- a sense of ‘horror’).  He still can play like a kid, play with kid things, and can still appreciate my own childish/playful nature.

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That’s us on his birthday.  It was the warmest spring day so far, so we went outside to take pictures.  That night, he chose to eat sushi/Japanese. It was a very low key day.  I just want him to enjoy it…and thankfully, his ideal day is to just be with family. 

I love you, Mahal. I continue to pray diligently that you will remain a Romans 12:1 man.

**Pictures of his birthday on our Photo Gallery.

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