Easter Sunday

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2009april13 310 Easter Sunday was a little chilly, but this photo was taken after the weekend finished.

We attended Sonrise service at 6am, and although it was extremely early, I really felt so refreshed being awake that early, giving worship and celebrating a risen Lord.

It also seemed how everyone was happy just fellowshipping together, actually having time to just sit, chat, and laugh, without after church responsibilities, so it was a sigh of relief and rest.

The weeks prior to Easter was very challenging, esp. being 8 months pregnant.  I tried not to complain, and denied the fatigue, but I’ve learned in every challenge, I can either cry and act like the victim, or I can stand and let God be my joy throughout the process.

Many times in life, I’ve been given that choice, and I’ve always tried to choose the latter.  Discouragements come, but I’ve grown never to dwell in people, what people may say, never to dwell in complaining or thinking about myself…but being a better person.

Preparing for the concert was really a challenge…every cantata seems to be…the preparation and planning, coupled w/ Perze’s responsibilities in the ministries as well.  But I don’t think I’d want to change anything right now because it makes me cling to God’s hand, admitting that I need Him to teach me how to be a better leader, how to balance discipline and love, frustration and thankfulness. 

I think it’ll get trickier with the new baby, but like all things, I trust that God will provide.

ps. pictures will be up soon in the Photo Gallery 🙂

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