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I honestly think this was an amazing concept- a cardboard bassinet.  I just think it’s practical, not to mention trendy- and completely GREEN.  Introducing the Green Lullaby Eco-Cradle.

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Basically, you don’t need any tools to set it up or take apart.  It’s lightweight that you can take it just about anywhere, except a picnic in a downpour.  It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble so you can fit it in the back of your car with ease when you need to bring it on a family trip.  Because of its portability, it can be brought into any room, any home, and you always have somewhere to put the baby down.

This Eco-Cradle are for infants up to 30lbs and can even hold up to 88lbs, while still complying with the international standards for safety and stability.

Because of the space efficiency, it matches every decor, with it’s simple shape and lines.  It’s very modern and customizable.  Just look at the pictures, they speak for themselves.  I’d rather have a functional modern room with this bassinet, than an expensively decked out nursery that you’ll probably only use for 2 years max.

Once you’re completely done having all 6 kids ;), this eco friendly cradle can be recycled.  It’s biodegradable.

How much is this?  Compared to all the other bassinets out there, this is also pocket-friendly.  It’s now on sale for $99.50 w/ less than $5 shipping.

I’m more of a modern mom, so this is definitely something I’d put in my baby registry!!

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