soup and sandwich dress

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Fullscreen capture 412009 124523 AM.bmp I love this dress by Anne P.

I’m SO into knits these days because, let’s face it, I’m 8 months pregnant and the chances of finding a maternity dress that continues to be wearable once your body warps back is EXACTLY what I look out for these days.  So the material (spandex, tencel) reshapes back to its original form, not to mention its comfortable feel on the skin, esp. once spring and summer come along.

This dress is so versatile, because you can wear it over swimsuits, wear it to the beach as is, to the store, to a casual lunch, and even a one on one evening out for dinner.  Name it, wear it with flats or wedges, it’s just overall, charming…esp. in lilac, which is the color I’m really digging these days- over yellows, tangerines, grays, blacks, and even pink. 😉

Cute ya?  Best part? Pockets! hahah.  Overall, such a cute dress by itself, and definitely a cute dress to accessorize.

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