appointment 8…almost there!

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Phew. 34th week.  Thank goodness the weather’s becoming more pleasant, and the clothes are becoming lighter and less bulky, because to be honest, I don’t think I can zip up my bubble coat anymore.

Zem accompanied me, as usual, to the office, where she’s well known already.  Everyone comments on her sweetness and chatty personality.  Today, she drew a picture for one of the workers, so the nurse taped it up above their desk.  Emma’s such a charmer sometimes.  She even tries to give “presents” to the people who deliver food to our place.  So ya, they’re saying how great a big sister she’s going to be.

The OBGyn was happy to see the progression of growth with Baby Z, and my constancy with my weight.  It’s been 2 weeks since my last check up and I’m still only 20 lbs. over my pre-baby weight.  The nurse who I talk to each visit was also surprised that I’m on my last month and managed to look “not-pregnant” from the back.  She said I looked like I was carrying a boy and I was “all baby,” so that means a lot!  I shared to her my first experience with Emma, and how I promised not to gain 45+ lbs. ever again, unless of course I decided to make a life change and pursue sumo.

Don’t get me wrong. I mean, I’ve gained weight so you’ll definitely still see a rounder face and meatier arms/legs…but for Tyra Bank’s sake, no canckles.  I’m sure that after a month, I’ll gain a couple more pounds due to the growing Baby z.

Speaking of…because of my controlled weight gain, this time around, I’m really able to feel EVERYTHING that Baby Z does.  Since his bones are solidifying, the pokes and rolling around are so prominent, even sometimes hurting on my unstretched skin.  And he moves around A LOT!!  I can even feel his hiccups, so sometimes there’s more discomfort compared to my first pregnancy.

Thank goodness I have a husband who really dotes on me and even frequents the grocery store late at night when I need something…or when I’m not as mobile at night, he’ll always cater to me.  And believe me, I’m always drinking water every ten minutes, so he’s always on the move. =D

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