Appointment 7 & Updates on Baby Z

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7th Appointment:
So every two weeks now until the 36th week, I’ll be coming in for a checkup.  Today, measure the belly, baby’s growing. Done. Heartbeat. Healthy. Beautiful.  I think next appointment, I’ll try to record the heartbeat since we did the same for Emma’s.

Did I tell you? I think this one’s a boy?  We’re not sure. No new ultrasound.

So far, I’ve gained 20 lbs.  Pretty good, but I have 8 weeks left so I can only gain one pound a week.  Oh my.  Anything but the 49 lbs. I gained on my first pregnancy!  Last two months are gonna be a challenge. Sad thing is that I can’t fast this Easter with my church.

Do we have names? Of course!

Girl: Zienne (fem.form of Zion, Zen for short)
Boy: Zacharias (Zias for short, or Ravi…kidding)

We’ll tell you our reasons once we confirm the gender.

Do we have Ninangs and Ninongs?  Yes, and they’re bad mamajamas.

One thing Perze and I did discuss regarding Godparents is that, no offense to anyone, but we really desire them to be God-fearing individuals.  And for whatever reason we cannot take care of our children, we hope that these people will take our place to also spiritually lead/guide them as we would- living out our family verse Romans 12:1.  And not just people who believe in God but people who live in Him.

And not just this, but they’re people who we’re involved with and communicate on a consistent basis, and not just events, so they can also be involved w/ their Godchild.

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