Etch-A-Sketch Lessons

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Lesson One:
Tonight, my three year old and I were drawing on her EtchaSketch, taking turns…so I drew the solar system with the “8” planets.  Surprisingly enough, she mastered most of them, with the exception of Earth and Uranus.

I’ll tell you why.

She’s a huge fan of Sailor Moon (unknowingly innocent of the fact that her mamam was once self-titled Sailor Mars).  And the reason why she didn’t know Earth was because these Japanese writers never made a Sailor Earth! Honestly…

So, when we got to “Earth,” she didn’t know it, so I asked, “what planet does Emma live in?”  She said…”New Jersey.”


Lesson Two:
Same EtchaSketch.  But this time, we were going over reading.  The girl mastered some sight-reading words like yes, no, my, Emma, cat, dog, ok…

But tonight, she phonetically sounded out “mama,” “lolo,” and “lola.” 

I think she’s starting to grasp putting the letters’ phonetic sounds together to read words.  Slowly she’s starting to read.

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