A Thoughtful Ate

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2009mar14 080 So there they are at Babies R Us registering. Em was so excited to “go shopping” for Baby Z…and Perze, well, if you look at our registry, let’s just say he was holding the gift gun.  I let some items stay in there to humor him.

Ate Zem even chose a few things in there for Baby Z.

I’m not exaggerating when I say how loving she is to her younger sibling.  I wish I could record all her prayers and her little affections.  Honestly, every day, she willingly mentions Baby Z in prayer, which is great because that’s what I did for her when I was pregnant with her.

PS- Our family wants to congratulate another wonderfun family who got some great news as well, but we’ll wait for them to share the news.  Yay for 2009! hahaha

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