Registering the Second Time Around

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So yesterday Perze, Zem, and I finally got out to make our baby registry for Baby Z.

You don’t know how much easier it was the second time around looking for the things you DO need instead of things you THINK you’d need.

I remember getting overwhelmed at the Feeding station, nipples here and there, different sizes, different brands, different options, functions and brand promises.  And it didn’t stop with bottles; you had to buy the accessories, like a warmer, sterilizer, brushes, breast milk storage cups, boob adaptors, electric pumps…etc.

Everything was centered on the milk and mothers, you were the cow.

I remember spending so much time researching on various stroller systems and which brands most moms recommended, which ones were safe, and which ones outlasted infancy.  Now, it’s much easier because I’m familiar with the brands, how expensive they are, and esp. what I’m looking for to better suit my needs.  The flash of the really expensive strollers are still tempting, but now I’m like, ok, the kid will look nice, but then what? 

I remember going through cribs and Perze wanted to get this expensive espresso colored crib set.  Good thing we ended up not getting it because for us, it really would have been a waste since Emma didn’t use her crib 100% of the time.  She actually used it more after she was an infant, when we opened it up and used it as a semi-toddler bed.  I don’t know about most mothers, but knowing you have to feed every 2-3 hours, I didn’t want to keep getting up and going to the baby’s room, so we never really had a nursery for Emma since we wanted to keep her close to us. So we never thought of buying all this furniture for a nursery since we thought she’d outgrow it.  We kept her crib in the same room as ours, and that’s what we’re doing with Baby Z too :).  Infancy goes by soooo fast, so we skipped the baby room into the toddler/kid room.  Looking back, I’m glad we made that decision; it was more practical for us.

So, experience is such a gift, and I can attest that it is a little easier preparing…knowing you’ll need the onesies, the swaddling blankets, which are the better bibs, the better bottles that don’t contain harmful plastics, which diapers to use…etc…and knowing that just because something looks aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there.

for those who are interested, we’re registered in the following:

Babies R’US

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