2.5 months left!

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15 lbs. Yep. I’ve gained 15 lbs. since August. And for those that are way out of the loop, yes, I’m pregnant. hahah.

Cravings 3rd trimester:

  • Aunt Annie’s Almond pretzels w/ caramel dip
  • coffee ice cream…ok…ice cream in gen.
  • soda
  • pastries, cakes (mainly ensaymada and Godiva Cheesecake)
  • Starbucks chocolate chip cookies
  • chicken ceasar salad
  • strawberries, clementines, cold grapes
  • chocolate (mainly lindtz, truffles, symphony bars)
  • fruit roll ups (hahahahaha, I don’t know why)

I have 2.5 months left and so far:


  • no waddling
  • my thighs don’t kiss each other while walking
  • I can still see my feet
  • no cankles
  • I can still take my rings on and off (this used to bug me last time)
  • No headaches (like my last pregnancy)
  • No heartburn (like my last pregnancy)


  • Back hurts at night
  • Need to sit down and rest every time I’m on my feet for a long time
  • ALWAYS want to drink cold beverages; always thirsty
  • difficulty sleeping
  • full bladder, kicking baby toy
  • can’t lift, push, pull anymore
  • no rough housing with Emma

We’re all really excited for Baby Z…esp. Ate Emma.  She really is so affectionate with this baby.  I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has passed. And it’s true, somehow, this pregnancy is much easier than my first one.

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