Berry Bauble Knitted Earmuffs

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Berry Bauble Earmuffs

A cluster of winter fruit, dangling before kooky orb-like muffs, warms frosty lobes. Acrylic, wool, polyester, angora. 

I love knitted accessories…and hopefully one day will pick it up, but for now, these are so adorable.  If you know me, I’m very into quirky fashion sometimes, and accessories are just as important statements.  Originally, these were $38 and I’ve waited for them for the final sale which brought them down to $9.  I quickly bought them because I knew they’d be sold out, which they eventually were.

When they arrived, I was so excited; I put them on and they were perfect…not a subtle accessory at all, but that’s what I like about them…they’re almost anime-ish.  Complete thumbs up- way up and a little jig-of-a-dance.

Retail: $38
Bought: $9
Status: own

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