"Jesus told me Something!"

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“Mamam, Jesus told me something!”  she retorted from the living room as I was into my first hour shredding paper. 

Prior to her almost somber toned revelation, I heard her from the other room, in between the shredding, just almost talking to herself, but not.  I figured she was complaining, which she tends to do when she doesn’t get her way. 

Let me start from the beginning.

I’m really busy these days preparing for the new baby, making sure we make some more storage room for all Baby Z’s stuff, so to free up some space, I got rid of papers upon papers that were stored in so many boxes and shelves.  Shredding for almost an hour, Zem comes up to me and gives me something she drew.  I requested, like most slick mothers, that she would make me happy if she wrote out her letters all the way to F by herself.  So she did, with the exception of a very mangled “D” so I asked her to write it again.

She went to the living room and that’s when the drama started and I heard her talking to herself.  I let her carry on with it for a while since I was in a paper zone.  Then that’s when she said, “Mamam, Jesus told me something.”  So out of curiosity, I went to her and she started crying.  I asked her what Jesus told her and she said, “He said ok.”

Confused, I refined my questions and asked her what she was doing and she explained that she was praying to Jesus, sad that I had asked her to do something that she felt she couldn’t do (write a D).  So in her sadness, she asked Jesus, “can you get Mamam so she can say sorry?”  And she said Jesus told her, “OK, I’ll get her.”

I was in awe with her faithful heart…granted, yes, she’s a very emotionally charged 3 year old, but on her own, she remembered to go to Jesus when she couldn’t come to me.  I’m so grateful that she’s growing, in such a young age, in the knowledge of Jesus’ love for her.

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“Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.”  1 Pet. 5:7
I love you Emmanuelle

(Later, I found out that she thought I said “G” not “D”…so I understood why she cried….hahaha…G is a difficult letter for her…)

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