5th Appointment- check.

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Baby’s healthy.  According to all the emails I get, Baby Z should be around 2 lbs. now.  I’m into my 3rd trimester and everything looks great, tests are fine, and I just have to prepare looking into the hospital I’ll be delivering.  The doctors are happy with the progression, no complications and even my controlled weight gain.  So far, I’ve gained 14 lbs. total with 3 more months to go.  Also, Baby Z moves around and kicks A LOT!  Like we say, ninja 2 in the dojo.

Am I waddling?  Not yet…only late at night when my body has had it with the change of my center of gravity. 

So far, no scheduled ultrasounds because there’s no need for any…so you know what that means- this may turn out to be a surprise baby! 😀  Good thing we have names picked out.  We’re just praying Baby Z is healthy. 

PS- Ate Zem thinks Baby Z is gonna hatch.

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