Jacquard Tulip Skirt

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jacquardskirtJacquard Tulip Skirt

By one of my favorite brands- Odille’s forsythia-hued cotton blooms best when tucked-in blouses showcase its fluted tulip shape.  Zip up cotton gold skirt. 

This is a beautiful skirt; the first time I saw it on the model, I had to ask the salesperson to find it for me.  She went all over the store to find it because I had to try it on.  Eventually I had to refrain from buying it because it required me to shell out $98.  Because of our budget, I was forced to wait, which ended up being the best choice because guess what my peoples, it is now $19!!!  You’ve GOT to love the sales.

Yeah, I said it, $19.  I bought it size petite, and I’m absolutely excited for it.

Retail: $98
Bought: $19
Status: Own

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