Busy Bees

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I sometimes can’t believe how busy we can get.

  • But www.SJBCI.org version 3.0 will be released this week!!! Finally!!  We’re uber proud of it.
  • Started weekly Sunday practices for Easter Cantata. It’s a little different this year. Saturday practices start soon.
  • Events at church are piling up.  Seems like every month there’s something…people are working very hard.  I’m glad our church follows it up with a lot of prayer.
  • Perze and I are in our 3rd Trimester!!!  wow. We really can’t wait. I can’t wait to hold Baby Z.  This is one strong baby.
  • We’ve been asked to do another Web Project for a friend.
  • P & I are on our way to doing a lot of personal spring cleaning on the joint.  Say it with me- Craigslist!
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