Marchesa’s 25 Random & 1 Lie

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I was tagged ten times already, including my husband, so I’ve given in and decided to post my random 25 with one lie.

  1. My parents didn’t know what to name me so they consulted the dictionary.  My name means royalty, which I’ve grown to love because I know no other person with my name.  It’s even cooler I married someone with a unique name so when we’re in a room together, we’re the only ones there with those names.
  2. My 22nd birthday, I wanted to do something silly so I went shopping with my little sister, dressed in a mini red cropped halter over a tank top, short jean shorts and heavy Final Fantasy-esque boots.
  3. When I’m nervous, I get uber-gassy and silently emit little presents.  I blame this on a traumatic kindergarten experience in the Philippines when I got stage fright having to recite Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  4. My routine every day in the morning is to read 5 NYTimes articles, 1 SOI article, and watch at least one hour of MSNBC/CNN Live.
  5. I’m a huge advocate of early education. I used to play the classicals for Em all throughout my pregnancy, go through Picture flash cards with her during her first year, go through her numbers and letters second year, and is now endeavoring to teach her reading and writing in her 3rd year.
  6. Despite my efforts, Emma really wants to be a gamer like her dad and play Mario Party 8 and go on the computer.
  7. I’m surrounded by nerds in my family, esp. tech and computer ones…and art, photography.  Sometimes during the conversations I get lost in the specs, ram, bytes, and css. Together we form Captain Planet.
  8. I don’t think I could ever work for PETA.  I’d probably be the only one wearing leather with 3 cans of SPAM in my desk while snickering and pointing at them while eating KFC.
  9. I married when I was 24, had my first baby a little before I turned 25, and will have my second before I turn 30.  That adds up to 79 which is my birth year.  I can also add.
  10. I am a prankster at heart. I’m sorry to those I’ve played tricks on…and even more sorry to those who still don’t yet know that they’ve been tricked.  There are a few that got too far…I will one day reveal them in my will or when I get really drunk.
  11. I have never gotten drunk in my life, or drink for that matter, or take drugs, or listen to Mylee Cyrus.  But I admit to having watched all 3 seasons of Flavor of Love and I Love New York, so that about evens it out.
  12. I was once in a band in college called Broken Strings. We recorded in a professional NY music studio.  I’m still waiting for the call from VH1 for our documentary.
  13. The second day I started dating Perze, he asked me when I wanted to get married.
  14. When my siblings and I were younger, my dad would teach us how to sing by making us memorize all the Matt Monroe songs. There is no need for me to google the lyrics for Strangers in the Night, Born Free, My Way, Speak Softly Love, Let Me Try Again, etc.  I hope to do the same thing with Emma and Baby Z with ABBA.
  15. I have recurring nightmares about college and not having graduated. And that Beyonce is trying to get me to call her Sasha Fierce.
  16. I conduct my church choir of 30 members.  Without classes, I learned how to conduct through observation, with the help of having had 10 years of piano lessons/theory. The hardest task is getting the women to agree on what to wear for concerts.
  17. I graduated with honors but almost didn’t graduate because of my Spanish 2 class.
  18. There were only around 16 people in our wedding day.  I wore a bridal dress and he wore a barong.  There was literally no music, just our written vows.  But it was the best day and decision of my life.
  19. Two people I admire is my mom and mother in law. My mom has silently been the greatest influence to my siblings and I when it comes to giving and charity.  My mother in law- with humility and faith.  I am proud that I can honestly say that the very few people I admire are people in my family and my husband.
  20. I’m very hesitant with showcasing my pinky toes. I am however not so ash-amed with having ashy feet.
  21. People think I know how to make people cry during Bible studies. Little do they know my Bible is 100% onion.
  22. .  I am not a shameless promoter.
  23. One time I almost got arrested. This is how I started becoming friends with one of my closest friends.
  24. I taught myself the guitar my first year of college because I didn’t know other females who knew how to play. That and because they hadn’t come up with Facebook yet.
  25. I like helping people out. This is probably why I really love ministry.
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