25 Random Things and some lies

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1. I used to wave and flash my headlights to other Saturn car owners.
2. Was part of a dance crew in high school.
3. I was once a Little League First Baseman.
4. Almost died in an accident when the army truck he was in overturned.
5. Had Medic training in the Reserved Officers Training Corps
6. Fell in love with royalty.
7. Has a beautiful yet crazy daughter.
8. Can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
9. Can form McDonald’s arches with his thumbs.
10. This list is taking longer than I thought and is starting to annoy me.
11. Got an A in a Space Plasma Lab in Chiba University for just MUD’ing the whole semester.
12. Read Naruto Manga since it first came out.
13. Dreams to be a Late Night FM Station DJ
14. Thanks Sean V. for the idea of injecting lies in this list.
15. Worked for Jollibee once.
16. Never seen or heard his parents fight … ever.
17. Takes pictures of people sleeping in public transport vehicles.
18. Had a Cat once.
19. Back in college, I joined the student government after getting rejected by the school paper.
20. Had a Dog once.
21. Has a LVL 99 Paladin, LVL 98 Barbarian and a LVL 92 Necromancer in Diablo 2.
22. Had a Goat once.
23. Was once a wedding singer.
24. Thinks Bittman is way better than Brown.
25. Marchesa broke up with me at one time.

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