Treasures in a Trinket Box

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(a repost; while uncluttering past blogs)

i was fixing up my well cluttered dresser today when i noticed a trinket box my kuya bought for me from india.  for such a special present, i remember deciding to put emma’s jewelry in there, the ones that meant a lot- like her first earrings, or her first christmas baby diamond studs, baby earrings that my lola gave to me, and gold earrings that my mother in law reserved for her.

i would be heartbroken if anything were to happen to that trinket box.

it made me want to try them on emma, but i knew that all her aerobics would lead to losing them, so i held off longer to give it to her because she doesn’t even know they exist or how much they mean.  i wondered how my mom knew it was time to give me those earrings that my lola had given to her for me.  how did she know i wouldn’t lose something so precious, even accidentally? even til now, i’m scared to even try to wear them out because i’m afraid that i may lose one.

but one day, without expectation, i’m waiting for the day to really hand that trinket box to emma- india, lolas, and all…

it makes me wonder what trinket box God holds just for me, with such rich meaningful treasures that may mean a recent milestone or something that may span generations.  i’ve really learned to see how God isn’t just this mathematician in my life that continually adds or subtracts, but He’s into even the hardcore quantum physics of our lives- that brings everything together- the past generations and the future.  I am part of something greater than just what i know now, and His treasures for me are not just for that day.  His treasures for me complete circles from the past, and are the commencement of things to come.  In Isaiah, God says, “45:3 And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches.  I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.”

and i don’t even know it. i wouldn’t know what to expect. like emma, sometimes i’m just blind to everything but the arena of my life, but I believe God continues to give you these treasures out of nowhere, and you see the meaning of your life and others around you. you become part of the story.

one day, i’ll become part of emma’s story.  i hope in her testimony, i passed something down to her, a treasure that she does not even know of yet, yet we do it everyday- prayer.  Everyday, we sing a song that says, “I’ve got Love in my heart.”  And every day, even know there’s no structured meaning for her yet, we pray. 

if something so small as earrings and jewelry are important for us to pass down to our children, so much so is the love of Jesus.  It is the one thing they can never lose once they’ve accepted Him as Lord and Savior.  I try to remember to put it into emma’s curriculum during the day because i know it is the Treasure that will one day give her the most meaning.

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