3.5 Months to Go! Woot!

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I went to my fourth OB appointment today.  Em is so used to the visits, and even anticipates them with some pleasure because the nurses allow her to assist them.

Fat Mess:  So I have 3.5 months left and so far I have gained 10-11 lbs. I’m hoping that my last 3 months, I’ll stick to gaining 12 lbs which will help me reach my goal of taking in 20-25 lbs. this pregnancy.  Thankfully, I don’t waddle yet, no back pains, but it’s getting harder to sleep (as anticipated).

Tests:  My doctor was happily smiling at me today, seeing that I finally look very pregnant.  Today was also my last blood test, so I was relieved to know that so far, no complications.  The baby, from all the ultrasounds is growing normally with the measurements appropriately where they should be.

In Case of Emergency:  I’m also VERY happy to know that the hospital is only minutes away, unlike my first pregnancy when the distance took us about 25 mins. travel. I remember being so uncomfortable during my contractions, and thankfully, there were no emergencies, or else I would have had to give birth in a closer facility. Being into my 2nd pregnancy, I see how important it is to have a close hospital, esp. with the traffic.

Cravings:  So far, cravings my 2nd trimester with Baby Z:

  • chocolate (Emma: sour things like lemonade or Sour Patch Kids)
  • cakes, bakery goods
  • soda, juice

So basically, sweet stuff. This is pretty different from my first pregnancy because I remember eating more meats w/ Em during my 2nd sem.  I don’t even usually like buying chocolates for myself normally, but I find myself fantasizing over truffles…on top of Coldstone coffee ice cream.

Pink or Blue:  So far, we don’t know the gender of the baby because we haven’t had any need to go for ultrasound, but for some reason, we’re ok with not knowing for now.  We have the baby names and hopefully we’ll find out before the birth, but if not, then it’ll be a new experience for us being completely surprised!!!

I’ll post a picture of the bump soon. You can check out the previous pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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