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Like a typical hot-blooded estrogen carrying female, the idea of bling and jewelry for Valentine’s seems ticklish.  But if you’re married to a tech-nerd, chances are, he’ll get you an iPhone, digital camera to encourage your photography hobby, a laptop, or some other handy gadget that really gets who you are practically.

So this year, with the budget a little tightened, here’s a great gift for the songwriters (*wink*), for the audiobloggers, the archiving addicts, and speakers:


Snowball Profession USB Microphone:
Includes: Mackie Tracktion 3 Recording Software & Koss UR40 Headphones

I haven’t tried it “yet” (*wink*), but it got great reviews.  Here’s a blog where I was introduced:

It’s even a great professional tool for those in working in the media or music ministry, for easy digital recording. The price is one of the best things! $99, that you can purchase at Costco.

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