Pixi Gel Eyeliner (Onyx)

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41Kp9V3Hg-L._AA260_ Pixi Gel Eyeliner (Onyx)

I’m a big fan of the bobbi brown gel liner but it’s a bit pricey. I’m not saying Pixi is weighing down your wallets by saving more bills, but it’s definitely less expensive.

With that said, it’s quality is comparable to bobbi brown gel liner. It doesn’t run or smudge unless you completely intentionally rub it out. It looks like a liquid liner but not completely thin on your eye. There’s also more control on how you put it on and how you’d like it to look, not like liquid liners that are hard to perfect. It’s also better than pencil liners because those tend to run after a quick jog to the store or a quick cry in a movie. Pixi gel liner is great; after buying it, I put it to the test to see if it’s worth keeping, so I applied it and took a long shower. Afterward, I realized that it still looked as it did after application.

The only problem I see in this product is really the brush, which is kind of dinky and more difficult than a professional brush.

Pixi is a cosmetic line that’s starting to make its definitive mark in the industry, birthed by 3 sisters, 2 who are make-up artists and 1 who’s a skin therapist.

Source:  TARGET
Price: $18

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