My Little Reader

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Emma is now 3 and a half years old and she’s been pretty much on the spot with her growth milestones. Last night I heard her read for the first time. Nothing fancy, just simple, single syllable words like yes, no, good, etc.

What really amazed me was her ability to identify the letter, recall what it sounds like and then connecting all the other letters together. It’s that moment of epiphany that made me leap for joy from the inside when I heard her read the word “good” for the first time.

Guh-oo, Goo-d, guh-oo-d, Good! I heard her yell it out and it made me leap for joy.

I know Marchesa put her career on hold when we decided for her to stay with the baby and that decision that we made 4 years ago has really paid off considering how Emma has grown.

Good job both of you. You two really make me proud.

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