"Twitter-pated" ?

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My husband got me into Facebook, and maybe 2 months ago, he set up my Twitter.  I haven’t touched it since then, only maybe with a twelve foot stick, poking with curiosity.  But he’d be happy to know that today, I "twittered"….yes, I said it…it’s 2009 and with the new layout and widgets, I got jealous of my husband’s twitter updates on the right side module.  As you can tell, he teaches me a lot about web stuff, which is great because it’s like a new skill I gain every time (not so much twittering, but computer stuff in general…i.e. Dreamweaver, WordPress, CSS)…it’s inevitable with a family that’s so into computers/web/graphics/media…etc.

So here it is, and if you happen to Twitter, add me:

Fullscreen capture 1162009 11716 PM.bmp

*Applause…* (ok ok…not so much…)

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