5 months

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So it’s month 5 and I’ve gained 5 lbs. total.  Pretty good so far…I’ve gained my appetite back, but I’m still not eating as much as I thought I would, like I did with Emma- like a beast that’s been on Atkins.

But I’m sure it’ll come; I mean, I do have 4 more months left.  So, for those who want to see me fat, here’s a nice little treat- 0 cals, from me to you:

normal_2008nov03_008a    2009jan08 030a2

So far, Baby Z kicks a lot now, mostly during the night, like Emma used to do.  I think this time around, the baby will be a little bigger than his/her Ate because I remember the doctors being concerned about Em’s size and weight.  But they do say that the second baby is easier to push out during delivery (I won’t go into details)…so I’m putting in my order already for that Turkey sub that I can’t eat during my pregnancy, and add a Monte Cristo on the side :-).

For those interested,
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2009jan08 037 2009jan08 043 2009jan08 034

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