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(written 2004)

With a certain je ne sais smurf,
She rises like the center sun in azure sky
And saunters around the blue realm
Like an aroma that triggers every appetite
And fills each cup of curiosity
That only Papa Smurf, in red, would know

As a child
She learned to gather perfumed buds
In her alabaster dress.
The others, smurf boys running past
To tease Asrael.

But now, she’s grown into
That milky white dress.
The hem teasing with virginal vows and promises,
And blossomed tresses in her hands
That every now and then loses petals to the lustful wind,
With rouged Papa Smurf always walking by her side.
Amidst an ocean of hungry tides.

She could have been a brunette,
But what world so
Without their Marilyn Monroe
and Britney Spears?

this was for my modern poetry creative writing class.  we had to write of any element concerning pop culture.

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