Messed Up Again

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messed up again :: song

i am holding my heart today
there is no other way for me to say
but i think i’ve messed up again
i dont’ know why i can’t let go
of the past that passed away
i’ve been holding my breath to ten
Lord, i think i’ve messed up again

i’ve given it you
i thot it would never come around this time
the pain, the pain that once consumed
this heart of mine
i’ve laid it down to you
but sometimes i can hear it from behind
will you ease my heart
take me apart
and just hold me in your love

guess the cycle will never die
guess i’ll have to confront it time to time
and maybe i’ll never know why
when my spirit grows so weak
be the comfort that i seek
my sight seems to self-deceive
so i need You to look out for me

i’ve been talking to lots of people and it seems "residual" is the word of the week.  there are lots of things we want to get rid of, but sometimes we just can’t…at least, not for the time being.  there are feelings from the past, questions we still need answered, and hurts that resurface…but God doesn’t want us to compare our days and He doesn’t want our spirit to stumble or be defeated or dictated by our past.  When the past comes back to us, present it to God, and let Him show you your glorious future.  That is comfort in itself…rest in Him…


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