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(written 2004)

bitterness creeps and weeps
on unsuspecting suspects whose cheap
words never mean more than absurd-ity
i can’t escape the flaccidity
of man’s fickle humanity
gender all’s confusion, profusion of the purging heart
is the one solution
but we confiscate truth for pleasure
when we measure with our eyes and flesh
and pride of life to treasure
and forget the one thing we want, we measure
with selfish scales, thinking impales,
thinking details, changing one conviction to the next
like twisting our beliefs from one scriptural text
perplexed, i wonder if man really knows his true heart
or do the eyes range, change- like his affection with the other car
i know how it goes.
i suppose, that’s how it flows
all’s change but their attitude, everyone knows
can’t find one who holds certain gratitude
words slip like gravity in longitude
feelings chip from depravity sapped from the mood
ya, you wanna know, but not quite
you merely want someone to know you tonight
state of conversation, like a one headed coin


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