Been Meaning to Say Hello

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Been Meaning to Say Hello
(written 2001)

Well I’ve been meaning to call you for while
I’ve been meaning to
I’ve been meaning to say hello and smile
but the feelings seem to shy away
when i see you come along my way
All I end up saying is

I’ve been meaning to get out those words
That I’ve reserved to be left unheard
I’ve surrendered to time
but the moment has passed me by
And when you ask me all I can say is
I’m fine

It’s not often
believe me, it just comes and goes
this feeling to say hello

Maybe it’s lunar influenced
or maybe seventh sense
but I’m wonderin’ bout you tonite

I guess there’s something
that’s left to be said
that’s right in my head
but the words can’t seem to come along
so I’ll just have to settle by saying it
In a song


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