Two Point Ohhhhhhhhh Yeah!

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Yay! 2.0 is 95% complete.

  • One big change in our redesign in the horizontal navigation bar that now has subcategories, for better organization, i.e. all the blogs under one umbrella and reviews in another.
  • We also added "The Upper Room" for our devotions and "Room of One’s Own" for our creative writing.
  • We took all of the cumbersome charts/tables out too on some main pages for a cleaner view such as "The Library" and "Perze & Marchesa."
  • Boy Meets Girl has been updated.
  • RSS Feeds were added: of SJBCI Announcements, RZIM Apologetics, and Perze’s Twitter, and now- Videos!
  • Widgets were added: Baby Z Countdown and the Weather.
  • We provided a "Shortcuts" module just for those who are more familiar w/ our site and need a direct route to the more popular pages, without having to use the
  • We added a tentative "Announcements" module for things we want stationary in our site that will be updated monthly.

Fullscreen capture 182009 10903 AM.bmp We hope you like it and find it easier to maneuver around our site now.  We still need to tweak our Photo Gallery and update some of our graphics…but for now, we’re excited for the change :).

We hope you continue to come back and drop us some notes, and even an entry on our guestbook.

As part of our appreciation for dropping by, we want to share this coupon to our fellow Borders visitors who like to marinate over a good book and conversation in the store.

(ps. Hi-5, Perze! You rock. Thanks for teaching me more stuff and being patient w/ my questions and requests…)

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