Ornaments of 2008

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My sister and I were married the same year; we talked about having a Christmas tradition with our respective families.  We’d build our Christmas decor each year, starting very simply with a few decorations, and with each Christmas we’d buy one or two special ornaments the signify that year.  Surely enough, we’ve both kept to that tradition, not buying extravagant decorations each year, but slowly building a "memory tree."  Being into four years of marriage, we still share stories of the ornaments we bought that year.

2009jan02 078This year, like the past years, I’ve bought my ornaments after Christmas, when they’re 75% off regular price.

I bought this at Target because this year, praise was very important to us.  More tangibly, Perze is currently more involved in the Praise ministry, involving himself to serve with the young people of SJBCI.  Also, the star was a nice touch because 2009jan02 079it reminds me that I too was called this year into the Worship Ministry, and the Cantata we did "To Find the King" surrounds the Magi’s faith to follow Scripture and follow the star that led them to the Savior. 

The next ornament I bought was what looked to be a woman holding a star close to her stomach, which reminded me of our pregnancy this year.  Again, the star means a lot to me this year, because I see it metaphorically, as a sign to follow, and a sign of great things.

So 2008…
Praise, pregnancy, star, and definitely great things…

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