Our Welcome Mat for 2009

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To our friends and family:


The above picture was taken a few minutes after 2008 was officially closed into the pages of yesterday and 2009 became present.  You can tell by Em’s expression, that she was ready for the comfort of her treasured Hello Kitty pillow.

As 2008 closed, it made me very thankful for so many things unspoken, things I know I don’t outwardly speak of and seemingly take for granted, but inwardly, I count my blessings and know the Sustainer and Giver of such good things.

As 2009 approaches, I don’t quite think that I have a great grasp on all the things I want to accomplish, but I welcome it with expectation of great things and hope such opportunities just don’t pass by, for good things come to us in such quiet circumstances sometimes that we fail to acknowledge it with wise discernment, or fail to capture the blaring moments because of fear.  I hope, quiet or loud, I will be there to make a choice.

Romans 8:28

(pictures of our NewYears are available
for viewing in our Photo Gallery
for those who are interested…)

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