Ultrasound Two: Pink or Blue?

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Yesterday, we went to get an anatomy ultrasound for Baby Z, and that includes the possibility of finding out the gender.  For the past months, I’ve always felt that the baby was a boy, already preparing Zem that she’ll have a baby brother.  So she’s been calling my tummy, Baby ZIAS, short for Zacharias.  And even people in church know Baby Z by this name…We’ve planned our kids’ names even before they were conceived so we’ve had our hearts set on them.

But yesterday, the technician felt very unsure about concluding the gender of Baby Z due to the position of the baby.  This made Perze and me a little heartbroken, but even more so into a deeper realization that this baby could in fact be a girl!  All the images of having two beautiful little girls close in age made me rethink the dynamics of our family. 

Don’t get me wrong, boy OR girl, we’re immensely excited for this added blessing, this amazing life being formed in my womb.  I’ve just always had this image in my mind that Em would be helping me take care of her baby brother.  The thought takes some adjustment. 

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But aside from the gender issue, I’m extremely thankful…truly truly thankful that the ultrasound went well, with no sign of concern or problems.  Being into my second pregnancy, I’m more aware of the problems that may arise, so I’m better equip with questions, and more familiar with how things should be at its proper stages. 

Baby Z is now about 11 oz., right on target and growing sufficiently, although I’ve only gained 2 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight.  But I know that will change soon enough since I find myself eating butchered ground beef again, which I’ve had such an aversion to during my first trimester.

I’ll be five months soon, with the due date still on May 14- right in time for warm spring weather!

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