SJBCI Christmas Cantata 2008

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Two Saturdays ago, SJBCI held their annual Cantata, with this year’s title "To Find the King."  I praise God for really sustaining all of our members during the two months we practiced.  Retrospectively, I can now admit to my fear of not finishing the task successfully, due to some unexpected obstacles from many angles, but I know everything was through God’s grace.  Looking back, I also thank God for sustaining me under His protection as I was in my early stages of pregnancy.  The experience was surprisingly not as stressful, although twice as challenging.

The feedback of that night was really humbling, even from people I have not met.  And the ones that have moved me most as a directress were statements of blessing- not because of how the choir sounded, but how they have felt God being lifted up, how they’ve seen the heart of the choir, and how it was a night of worship.

This video doesn’t do the sound justly, nor does it capture the mood completely, but for those who want to see it, you can view the complete video on Google Videos, but for our viewers’ pleasure, we bring it here on

I really do thank the choir- the seen portion (and a huge thank you for the humbling love gift), and all the people who helped for that event.  And also included in there, personally, for me, is my husband- the unseen, but the person who has been the one to hold me up in encouragement and prayer. 

Note 1:  The complete album for the Christmas Cantata 2008
is now viewable in AND in our Photo Gallery.

Note 2:  For the tech geeks, did you know you can upload this file to your iPod, or iPhone through?  If you wanna know, lemmeno.

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