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Elefun This was our Christmas gift this year to Emma because one- she LOVES to pretend that she’s catching butterflies and two- she’s into elephants (we don’t know why).  So instead of pretending, we decided to try this game by Hasbro.  Elefun– a game that blows the butterflies out of a 4ft. trunk.  It comes with 4 nets, 30 butterflies, and a friendly blue Elephant. 

Aside from needing 4 C batteries, it’s an ok game.  It would perform better if the fan was a little stronger since the butterflies would come out a little slow and not as powerful.  So, you have to wait a little longer.  Also, it only comes with 30 butterflies, so one game only lasts at most 2 minutes or so.  Then you have to keep refilling it so expect your toddler to keep needing your assistance.

Fun factor?  Really great.  My 3 year old daughter and her almost 3 year old cousin squeals in excitement.  I doubt the game’s excitement and fun will last until they’re 5 but for now, it helps their coordination.

Source: Walmart
Price: $18
Age Range:  3-6 years

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