Emma’s First Choir Experience

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So momentous for the Fabila-Ababa family last Saturday during SJBCI’s annual Christmas Cantata, as our daughter sang in her first children’s choir!  For two weeks now, we’ve been practicing the song "Joy To the World" so she can participate w/ the other kids in church. 

"Let every heart, prepare his room…"  – Emmanuelle Grace

Her shawl is somewhat askew due to her running around prior to the presentation, but surely enough, she bravely went up there and sang her heart out.  She memorized all three stanzas and even gave out flying kisses and waves of hello to Perze and me before she sang.  We’re EXTREMELY proud of her.  emma (she just typed her name).  I asked her afterwards if she liked singing on stage, and surprisingly she did.  Now, "Joy to the World" is favorite Christmas song.  Anyway, we hope you enjoy.

Thanks btw to Bunny and Genny for giving me this video since I was nervously walking around before the adult choir went up to sing.

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