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I’ve been taking a little breather from blogging because of all that’s been happening the past few weeks.  Every night this week, I’ve been coming home late because I had to go out to get something to prepare for this cantata weekend.  I’ve also been out helping the Ngs here and there for visits who have recently bought a house 8 minutes from us.  Today, some of my family came up to see how they were doing, so our family came over for dinner too.

I haven’t even been able to justly blog about our 6th year TWELVESIXTEEN which I never miss.  Big IOU after this weekend. Promise.

I’ve been able to get ties and folders, dress hunting and doing the program which will be printed tomorrow.  I’ve been finalizing the accompaniment and narration, having had to alter the original material due to the omission of the skit (and 3 songs), while maintaining the integrity of the author’s narration.  I also had to add an opening instrumental number because, unlike the more contemporary concerts, this one doesn’t have an opening prelude.  Tonight, I have to really sit down and finalize the multimedia powerpoint for visual help.

So after this Saturday, I can finally breathe normally and refocus on the youth even for a little while, then onto full planning for 2009 for the Worship Ministry.

Hopefully by the end of 2008, aside from the familiar pregnancy waddle, we’ll be more excited preparing for the baby’s arrival, and finally being able to know the gender of our beloved Baby Z.  I’ll also be able to delve into my new ministry role.  And the Ngs will have most of their clutter cleared so we can all clutter together with some friends over lunch and coffee.  And I can put my feet up w/ my trusty laptop on top of…my lap while my sister gets much needed "me" time to go out while I babysit.

I know things will remain busy, but it’s a busy I’m excited for. 🙂

Be blessed!

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