A Repost: The Nativity Story

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After having driven my husband to the station today, I noticed the ducks congregating at a lake, as most winter ducks often do, probably sharing Christmas lists and unnecessary gossip about hats and things. Every season has its unique beauty to it, and winter has its simplicity of black and white, as opposed to the other seasons which are typically known for their multifarious colors, both subtle and vibrant. But winter, just seems so cold, peaceful, and quiet.

It reminds me of the movie I recently watched, “the Nativity Story.”

I really recommend this movie. Having seen a lot of stories surrounding Jesus’ birth, this one dealt solely on Matt.1-2 and Luke 1-2, with a quietness and simplicity to it. The movie also gave a new perspective of the expectation and faith that befell Mary and Joseph, and how Jesus’ birth, how seemingly quiet and humble, was the greatest promise for all mankind, mathematically written through prophecy, all events culminated by God’s providence.

And God sent witnesses from afar and witnesses from the nearby fields.
And God sent wise men and unscholared shepherds.
And historical kings knew of the prophecy, sent historical creeds and laws to seek after the messiah.
And God sent men of faith and men of reason.
And Herod, a powerful merciless king, was thwarted by expecting the messiah to be a strong obvious leader instead of a helpless baby. And despite his resources, power, influence, and army, a humble couple and a baby, with meager transportation, escaped him.

Christmas continues to do that…bring those who are far from him, to him, and those who are close, closer. Christmas is for the young and old, for the wise scholars who reasons and for the ones who see with faith. It’s really a celebration for everyone, for the awed child to the cynic. Even now, God still calls us ALL to him.

“I have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared for all people.
He is a light to reveal God to the nations,
and he is the glory of your people Israel!”
(Luke 2:30-32)

ps. go see The Nativity Story… :)

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