Our wedding song

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Out of the blue, emma comes up to me and asks if I want to marry her mama. I raised my left hand and told her that I am married to her mama, and that the ring(s) on my finger signify of my undying love and devotion to her mama. She reiterated that she wants me to marry Marchesa right now. Not knowing what she really wanted to get out of this, I told her to ask her mama and if she says yes, then we will.

She did go up to her mom and next thing you know we are in the middle of the living room getting ready for our first dance. This girl whips out her mama’s iPhone out of nowhere, launched the mini-piano app, and starts playing a song.

Mind you, this was just not any song, with every note that she plays, she also sings with her own original lyrics. Marchesa and I were just cracking up because, what first dance consists of princesses, dragons, hello kitty, and baby Z?

I wish I had a video of it, but that really cracked me up and made me completely forget about the plexiglass incident.

Thanks for the memories anak.

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