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Ever since emma was 4 or so months old, she has always had an attachment with stuffed toys. We give her one from time to time but there have been standouts. These are the ones that she normally sleeps with or the ones that she can’t go anywhere without.

First there was frog prince, she chose this toy when we were at babies r us in budd lake. It really was love at first sight. She wouldn’t even give the cashier enough time to scan the item. Then she had her other animal toys, a penguin, an elephant, and marvin the Martian.

Very recently, she found this new found relationship with her elephant care bear cousin. This is an even greater obsession than all the other toys combined. Elephant is officially her unimagined, imaginary friend. Yesterday we went to watch a movie and elephant had more screen time than the actual movie screen.

Emma is very loving and love just naturally flows from this girl. This is one other reason why we are so excited for this second baby, Emma seems a little lonely every now and then. But until the baby comes, there’s always Lolo, Elephant, Mama and her brother Hong-Hong (in no particular order).

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