That feeling of being kicked

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Yes, just like the title says, somebody kicked me. I didn’t really realized it at first but as Marchesa’s pregnancy progresses, this baby gets more active each week. I remember when she was pregnant with Emma, there were no kicks until after the 20th week and this kicker is more active and we just hit our 16th week.

This baby seems more active than the first. I must admit that we were really excited when we found out that we were pregnant but didn’t really look forward to those grueling days. Now that we’ve gone through Emma and have seen how self sufficient she has been since she was potty trained right before she turned 3. Sleepless nights and getting up every 2 hours to feed and change the baby’s diaper is not a fun task, not at all. But when the baby returns back that favor by smiling back at you or just lie there by his cute self, it really is all worth it.

In two weeks, Marchesa will have her 2nd Ultrasound and this might be the time that we will find out if we are having Zacharias Perze, or Zienne Noelle. Either way, we can’t wait.

Until then, I’ll just be contented of being kicked when I hold Marchesa’s belly.

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