Tree Trimming

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All trees are trimmed.

Since we were younger, we’d gather as a family and trim my parents’ tree. Now that we’re older, we know what the difficulty of trimming a 7-8 ft. tree could be for my parents, so during Thanksgiving weekend, we all collaborate on decorating.  And now that 2 of us have our own families, we’re passing the tradition to the "apo" as well.  I know it brings joy to my mom, so I like that we can all still gather for that tradition.  As a family, while we can, we still like to keep close and do things as a family.

The only thing that saddens me is that Perze’s family is so far, and the travel is so expensive, so we don’t have the opportunity to share in the same experiences.  But if we could, we’d always make time for them.  Family, even extended family, roots, and history are important to us.  As much as possible, we want our children to be close to their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins…because who they become is a part of who was there before them.  And they’ll learn that they have so much in common w/ those that came before them.

(Zem & Hongs: the cousins.  Look how grown they look)
(Picture Credit: Fred Fabila)

After Thanksgiving weekend, we decorated our own little tree, the first tree we’ve ever bought.  We laugh over this tree every year because I believe that if that Charlie Brown tree actually survived and grew, it would look like our tree- bare and skeletal.  But knowing it’s just a symbol to decorate, and for Em to grow with and see, it’s no big deal- literally. hahah.  She had an equally amount of fun and excitement decorating it w/ the baby-proof balls, Lindts chocolate truffles, and sentimental ornaments through our beginning years.  Now being three, she practically trimmed 75% of the tree while we took pictures. 

I put up all the Thanksgiving pictures showing their tree trimming activities in the Photo Gallery, for those who are interested.

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