Breakfast Pankcakes in Bed

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I surprised my beloved daughter today by waking up earlier than her and cooking pancakes.  So when she woke up and called my name, like she usually does daily, I came in with a blue plate in hand that carried a nice warm pancake.

She was so happy, she shot up and took a bite, and squealed in excitement.

I admit we had a fight last night, hence the breakfast in bed.  So I asked her if she remembered it and she said yes, because we fought over her crying, and I called her a baby out of my disappointment.  So I asked her to look at me and gave her a sincere apology, saying she wasn’t a baby.  I apologized for being angry.  I apologized for hurting her feelings.  She hugged me back and said, "it’s ok mamam.  I love you."  Then she took my cheeks in her hands and kissed me.

I hope my daughter will always stay that forgiving, because I know as she gets older, the heart gets a little harder to solace.  Or hopefully, pancakes in bed may offer a sign of love.

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