2nd Baby Visit

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Today was my second visit to the Gyn.  Zem accompanied me, excited to check up on Baby Z.  We both heard Baby Z’s heartbeat, and although I’ve already gone through the excitement of first hearing Zem’s heartbeat, it was still so heartwarming and amazing, knowing that baby is inside, being prepared for life outside of the womb, already with a purpose in his DNA.

After Zem heard the heartbeat, she asked me, "is his heart broken?"

I do appreciate how this Gyn., after every checkup, explains all the necessary procedures following my visit, answers all my questions, and gives tons of recommendations.  My last Gyn. tended to talk while I was having my checkup, which never helped my concentration.  I would drive home regretfully remembering the questions I had meant to ask. 

So to update, we’re 15 weeks and 4 days :).  I’m not into my second trimester which means I should be getting my appetite back.  Having shared my concerns w/ my doctor of my lack of weight after 15 weeks, I was assured that it wasn’t a pressing concern since the baby was shown to have been growing normally.  Phew. He also assured me, smilingly, that this should be an easy and great pregnancy since it’s my second time giving birth and being very healthy, with no history of problems or concern.  But we’re always praying every day for this baby.

So hopefully, by the end of this month, we’ll be able to know whether the Z is male or female.  But for now, appetite, come back. I is hungry!

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