"I want to have a baby."

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Now that Emma talks in complete sentences, her ideas come to life in the form of syllabic entertainment.  Sometimes, an idea just comes out of nowhere, however impractical or fantastical. 

Just today, she called me into our dark room, asking me to turn on the light.  I found her dramatically lying down, almost whimpering, so I wrapped myself around her and asked her what was wrong.  My emotionally charged three year old quickly turned whimpering into full blown crying, to which Perze responded to, joining us in the room.

After multiple tries of asking her the matter, she finally said, "I’m not a good mama."  Confused, baffled, and challenged, I shook off logic and asked her, "you want to be a mama?"  Still crying, she said, "ya, I want a baby in my tummy."  Like worried parents, almost calling Dr.Drew, said, "why?"  She responded, "I want to be like my Mamam."

Awe.  My heart was so touched, and Perze’s eyes were so … rolled.

We both embraced her, still crying over her inadequacies of being a toddler mom, assuring her that when she turned twentythirtyish, she’d be an exceptional mom!  Our daughter understands a lot of things, and we like to think we challenge her, so we had a little talk already about the prerequisites before the baby…like marriage…hahah.

The things that go through a three year old is sometimes so surprising. 

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