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2008nov10 117 In our church, inserted in the worship program is a time when Pastor Ding calls all the children to the front to be prayed for–every Sunday.  This is one thing I would never take out of the worship program because I think it’s a powerful thing to pray for our children in our churches.  Even if they’re usually looked over by adults, I know that God is working in them and speaking to them even at such a young age.  I believe that wholeheartedly with Emma. 

So ever since she was born, each Sunday, Perze or I would bring her to the front and carry her when she was a baby.  Then when she learned how to walk, Perze or I would accompany her to the front and stay with her. 

But after three years, last Sunday (see picture), Emma ran all the way to the front all by herself, with a big girl swagger.  Without fear or intimidation.  I was so proud of her.  And not only that, but I noticed while she was up there, with her finger on her lips, she was motioning to the older kids to stop talking. hahahah.

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