12 Weeks Update

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2008nov03 008b So, we’re 12 weeks. That’s what I look like at 12 weeks…hahahahaha.  Please don’t point fingers.

To eat or not to eat:  I haven’t really gained weight.  To be honest, I hardly eat because my appetite is non-existent.  I sometimes have to force myself to eat something, and when I do, I eat like mouse.  The most difficult thing for me these days is thinking and finding what to eat, because upon thinking of eating some type of meat, I feel disgusted.  I want salads, but prefer dressings that have egg in it.  But I can’t eat those.  I want turkey subs, but can’t have deli meat. That’s why I’m not gaining weight.

The baby bump:  But as you can see, still have that baby bump :).  I’m pretty proud of it; I’ve always loved having a baby bump, knowing that my beloved is in there. Pretty lame? Nah- it’s a mother thing.  My mom use to tell me that back in the day, women didn’t like publicly showing their baby bump even through their clothes; but here, these days, why be ashamed to let people know you’re having a baby- because, you are!  Why do women try to hide it under thick and loose clothes?

Post-Ultrasound:  So today, I got a phone call from my OBGYN giving me the results of my first ultrasound.  Everything looks great and the baby’s measurement confirms that we’re 12 weeks.  The news put a smile to my face, knowing the baby’s ok. Thank you Lord.

Pregnancy memories so far?

  • During choir practice, when I start stressing, the women start screaming "she’s pregnant!"
  • After youth, while hangout, the youth will drive to get me food because they’re super sweet.
  • My husband, despite a long day at work, will drive to get me food that I’m craving, no matter how late.
  • Every night, and I mean, every night, Ate Emma will pray for Baby Z.  And every morning, she’ll kiss my tummy and say "good morning, baby Z."
  • Instead of hugs now, people greet me by saying, "Hi preggers!" and then rub my stomach.
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