Trick or Treat: Princess Style

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Ok. Initial plan was for Em to be Sarah Palin, Perze as Joe the Plumber, and me as a bulldog w/ lipstick.

Everything went down the drain as Em adamantly voiced her 2 cents.  Yes, at three years old, there was nothing else she was going out there to collect candy except as a princess.  Luckily, my mom saved my lil sister’s old ballet recital dress from when she was four years old.  With a few tucks here and there, it fit her enough for her to walk from house to house (with the help of the RadioFlyer), with her Mom, Dad, and Uncle, to collect candy. 

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This was her first year that she understood what was going on, being more conscious of other kids dressing up in costumes, and collecting candy.  She has been looking forward for weeks for this event.

How’d she do? She collected a basket and a half.  Pretty good for a three year old huh?  Check out that pumpkin basket she’s carrying; that used to be one of the baskets that we used when we were children.

the full album is up on our Photo Gallery.

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